about me



I’m Ruth, a 29-year-old curvy woman from Belgium. I’ve always been overweight even when I was a kid. At my heaviest, I had a size 24 and finding clothing was a difficult task. It still is today as a size 20.

For me personally my teenage years were the hardest, I was bullied quit a lot because I was fat and didn’t feel good about myself.
When you’re a young adult you want to discover your true self and develop your own sense of style. As a plus size teen back then, this was not an easy challenge. Going shopping with my friends wasn’t my idea of fun. I was ashamed that I couldn’t try anything on because it wouldn’t fit me. That I had to shop where are mums did, because those were the only clothes that fit me. I was ashamed because other people embarrassed me and laughed at me.

When you get older and you get a better perspective on things, having to choose a plus size brand doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. You start to realize that the judgments of other people don’t matter and that loving yourself is what you need to do. You learn to accept yourself as you are and you make the best of it.

So despite the limited options in plus size fashion I’ve managed to find my own style. I’ve learned that this can do wonders for your self-image. Because the more you find clothing that you love and feel good in, the more you tell yourself: “you look great”. A little sentence with a big impact on your confidence.

That’s why I’m starting this blog, so I can help curvy women and introduce them to plus size fashion. Who knows…? I might just awaken your inner fashionista.

Enjoy the blog!