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Plus size fashion, I know how frustrating it can be. There are little to no fashionable outfits, less than pleasant experiences in the fitting rooms because not everything fits you the way you want. It doesn’t look flattering and sometimes it looks outdated. After years of frustration I went searching for better options in plus size fashion. Even though the selection is limited, it broadened my horizon. With tis blog I want to show curved women that we can wear what we want and try to show them a way in the world of plus size fashion.

Most of the items on my blog I found online. I realize this can be a threshold for some people. Pictures make it difficult to see what the item really looks like. We prefer to try something on before we decide to purchase and sending back an item usually costs money. The chance of a bad purchase and the hassle of sending things back prevents us from placing an order.

But do not fear… the answer is near.
On this blog you will find reviews about the quality, the fit and the sizing of the brand (whether this fits just right or comes out too big or too small).

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