5 tips to prevent chub rub.

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Don’t you just hate it when your inner thighs are rubbing against each other on a warm summer day? When your mood goes from sunshine to ice queen because the irritation is so painful with every step you take? Me too!

This is not just a plus size problem; I know tons of slim women who can relate to the agonizing pain of chub rub. Whether your inner thighs touch or not has more to do with your body type then the amount of pounds.  Luckily, there are numerous anti-chafing products available to prevent your inner thigh irritation.

Personally, I have a very sensitive skin and get chub rub just from wearing a pencil skirt even on colder days. When it’s colder, I usually choose long-piped shapewear to prevent chub rub but on those warm summer days wearing shapewear is just agony.

Other alternatives are leggings, in combination with a short dress, skirt or maybe a tunic of some sort I think this works well but under a maxi this is just silly. In this case, you can use bandelettes or anti-chafing shorts.

When you are not able to wear undergarments because you are at the beach, imagine putting on leggings with sandy feet, or wearing short shorts, you can use lubricants or talc powders to have chafe free inner thighs.

Well, I summed up 5 products you can use to prevent chub rub in different situations. Some of these products you can use under clothing and others when you can’t have undergarment showing.
Here are my 5 tips on how to survive the summer chafe free:

1.     Bandelettes.

bandelettes in red, nude and black

I love bandelettes, these elastic bands have blown over from the states and are available in different colours in a lace or plain edition. I think they are very comfortable and the lace ones are super cute, feminine and sexy. If they would accidentally show when riding a bike or by a struck of wind, I wouldn’t even mind flashing them. On a night out these definitely trump any kind of long-piped underwear or shapewear unless I’m wearing a form fitted dress.
Bandelettes are available in sizes A to F, size A is 21-22 inches (53-56 cm) wide and size F is 31-32 inches (78-81 cm) wide.  You can order these bandelettes at bandelettes.com and you can find all the information on how to measure your size here.

Where to order from Belgium:

2.     Anti-chafing shorts.

You can use all kinds of shorts for this purpose just keep in mind that they are not loose fitted or too short, this to prevent them from riding up.
You could use men’s boxers if you don’t mind the weird looking crotch. Personally, I don’t use them often just because I wouldn’t feel very comfortable if they would accidentally show.
Another alternative is cutting of a pair of leggings, be careful though that you don’t cut them too short because they will ride up and lose their purpose.
You could even wear a cycling short to prevent chub rub.
Luckily, there are specially made undergarments to fit the bill.

I have found some comfortable anti-chafing shorts at:

3.     Lubricants.

All these products will lubricate your inner thighs and make them glide more smoothly over one another instead of chafing and rubbing. The downside of products like this is that they wear off and you will need to reapply if you want to make sure your thighs won’t suffer. You also have to be careful that you don’t stain your clothing.
For me, these types of products work best when I can’t have any undergarments showing, like when I’m wearing short shorts or when I’m at the beach.
To smoothen your thighs you could use a deodorant stick, preferably odorless ones.
You could use a type of oil, I would suggest Nux Oil protégé because it really takes care of your skin but you need to reapply it frequently to make it last.
Next to these self-invented anti-chafing products, you can find some online that keep you chafe free.

Anti-chafing lubricants:

4.     Talc powders.

lush's sliky underwear

Talc powder works anti-perspiring and keeps you dry. The downside is that it’s quite messy to apply and could stain. You would also have to apply it more than once to have the desired effect. You could use any kind of talc powder you can find in store but would choose baby powder.
You can buy Lush’s silky underwear, which is basically overpriced but nicely wrapped up talc powder. You can find it here.
Personally, I don’t really like to use talc powder because it is quite messy, but it does work well if you reapply frequently enough.

5.     Body Patch Reskin.

body patch Resking

When I was searching for products to prevent chub rub, I stumbled upon this Body Patch Reskin. It’s a patch you can stick on your skin to prevent chafing. It’s easy to use, doesn’t hurt when you pull it off and you can wash and reuse it. Well, at least that’s wat the description says. I haven’t been able to test this one yet, but I can imagine the ease of using something like this.
It comes in different sizes from small to large and you can cut them up to make it fit you perfectly. You can find it here.

When it comes down to preventing my inner thighs from chafing, my personal preferences go to shapewear when it’s cold or when I wear a form fitted dress, leggings under short dresses and bandelettes on hot summer days or a night out on the town.
When I’m at the beach or can’t have undergarments showing, I prefer to use a lubricant over a talc powder, because talc powder is quite messy.  Just remember to always reapply frequently, that is the best advice I can give you!

So dear followers, these were my 5 tips on how to prevent chub rub. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.
More plus size fashion news on the next spread, stay tuned!

Love Ruth.



Suit up!

plus size black blazer and silver top by MS mode

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A good suit is a must-have in every woman’s closet, it’s such a versatile piece!
Whether you work in business and need to wear a suit every day or applying for a job, you need a piece like this. You could also wear it to a networking event or even to a funeral if you lack a suitable black dress. It’s a classic formal piece that is fundamental to a well-constructed wardrobe.

plus size black suit and silver top by MS mode

Nowadays we see more and more celebrities wearing a suit for red carpet events. The suit is definitely making a comeback as a very fashionable outfit suitable for any occasion.

plus size black blazer and silver top by MS mode

Finding a good fitted suit for plus size women is quite the challenge unless you are able to get them tailored. Personally, I don’t need to wear one to work, so getting them specially made seems a bit over the top. I would suggest buying one when you stumble onto the perfect suit for you.

plus size black suit and silver top by MS mode

I saw this gorgeous suit at MS mode and thought: “why not?” I don’t have one yet and this black one looks amazing. When I tried it on with this silver textured top, I was sold. The fit was perfect and the suit is really comfortable. The blazer is my favorite piece!  It has just the right fit and I love that it only has one button. The pants have a little stretch, which is great, and the silver top really pops in contrast with the black suit.

plus size silver top by MS mode

When I was at the register, I saw this cute pearl necklace and bracelet and I believe it goes really well with the suit. I think this adds a nice touch to the classic look and kind of softens the look as well.
I’ve combined the suit with some classic black heels. I think heels work best under a suit, it makes such a powerful statement.

plus size black blazer and silver top by MS mode

My outfit.

plus size black suit and silver top by MS mode

Classic Black blazer.

plus size black blazer and silver top by MS mode

This black blazer is available at MS mode from a European size 40 (Size 12 UK) up to a European size 54 (size 26 UK) for 49.99 euros, find it here. Usually MS mode comes out a bit larger to size, but this blazer fitted me perfectly. I would say this jacket is true to size, find their size guide here.

Metallic plissé top in silver.

plus size silver top by MS mode

This cute silver top by MS mode is available from a M up to a 3XL for 24.99 euros, find it here. I love this top and the texture is amazing. The fit on this top is a ‘loose fit’, but I prefer a more fitted top so I bought it 2 sizes smaller than usual. MS mode comes out a bit larger to size, find their size guide here.

Classic black trousers.

plus size black suit and silver top by MS mode

These classic black pants by MS mode are available from a European size 40 (size 12 UK) up to a European size 54 (size 26 UK) for 39.99 euros, find it here. I think these trousers are really comfortable and they have a little stretch.  On the other hand, the fit comes out a bit small to size. I had to go one size up, find their size guide here.
I’ve noticed that when it comes down to classic trousers I often have to go up a size in comparison with  jeans, maybe because jeans has more stretch.

Since this blog is all about suits, I thought I’d give you some cute alternative plus size suits I found online.
Alternative suits:

So dear followers, this plus size fashion spread is a wrap, more plus size novelties on the next spread.

Love Ruth.