Valentine’s Day

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken


I always get excited when it’s Valentine’s Day and try my best to turn it into a very romantic day. I’ll light up some candles, put some rose petals on the bed, heat up some scented massage oil and put on lush lingerie to get the night going.

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

When I was thinking about writing a blog about lingerie, I was excited at first, and then… it hit me. I needed to get in front of a camera in lingerie?! Something I’ve never done before. All of a sudden I was thinking about all the bits and pieces of my body I didn’t like and didn’t want anyone to see, like my thighs, my arms, maybe I’ll even have some back fat showing… horrible!

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

So, to avoid a lot of drama and not to end up with insecure looking pictures, I searched for something I felt really comfortable in and dared to get bare in, in front of the camera. I was over the moon when I found this deep red and black lace trim bodysuit, with shear sides and back, from New Look Curve. I absolutely love it! To give myself a little more cover-up, just because I feel more at ease and comfortable this way, I’ve added a beautiful black lace kimono from Ulla Popken. Some sexy high heels from New Look Fashion to finish of the look and this shoot will be amazing!

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

But it’s not only getting in front of the camera that can cause you to doubt yourself, sometimes you feel this way at home too. And although you know that the man you’re getting all dolled up for loves you for all that you are and loves every inch of you, it isn’t easy to get rid of those insecurities about your figure and all the bits that wobble. Before you know it, your confidence is out the window and you’ve brought yourself down. But It’s confidence what makes you look sexy, what gives you a glow few can resist.

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by u

So before you get bogged down about your body, whether it is because you are putting on lingerie, a bikini or even a bodycon dress, keep in mind that it’s your own opinion about yourself that really matters. What you tell yourself leaves the biggest impression behind. So, make your mindset positive, underline all the things you love about yourself instead of the things you hate and be proud of who you are!

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

I know it is easier said than done. Personally, I have a long history with putting myself down, mostly because of my environment telling me:  “you can’t wear something like that, you’re too fat”. Well, lately I have learned a lot about loving yourself and I am here to tell you that you can wear whatever you want. Just make sure that you pick something that makes YOU feel good, sexy and confident. Because then, and only then, will you shine like the true beauty you are.

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

My outfit.

plus size bodysuit by new look curve and kimono by ulla popken

Red Lattice Trim Floral Cupped Bodysuit.

plus size bodysuit by new look curve

This stunning red and black lace bodysuit is from New Look Curve, it’s available for 24.99 euros. Find it here. I think this bodysuit is absolutely divine, it has a stretchy fabric and the red and black lace trim is just gorgeous. To make it even better, it has an underwire bra to make the girls look really perky.
I ordered this bodysuit in a European size 90F (40F UK).  Usually I have an 85GG (38GG UK), but this size was not available so I picked the closest one I could find. And although it does not give me the support I’m used to, not that this is a problem because I bought this just for show anyways, it fitted me well. For more sizing information I would like to refer to their size guide, you can find it here.

Black Lace Kimono.

plus size kimono by ulla popken

I found this beautiful kimono at Ulla Popken, available in European sizes 42/44 (size 12/14 UK) to European sizes 58/60 (size 28/30 UK) for 49.99 euros. Find it here. I think it’s the perfect addition on an occasion like this, it’s not too long, it’s see-through and sexy. I think the lace is really beautiful, absolutely loving this rope! I ordered this kimono in a European size 46 (size 16 UK) and it fitted me perfectly. I would say Ulla Popken is true to size, find their size guide here.

Wide Fit Black Platform Court Shoes.

black wide fit court shoes

These high heels are from New Look, available for 24.95 euros. These are wide fit heels and are realy comfortable. I ordered a European size 41 (size 7 UK) and they fitted me perfectly, find their size guide here.

I usually give alternative looks with each item, but for this occasion I thought to line up other valentine alternatives that I liked and include all kinds of lingerie.

Alternative items:

plus size red lattice front trim slip by new look curve
Red Lattice Front trim Slip by New Look Curve
plus size black babydoll by ulla popken
Black Cupped Babydoll by Ulla Popken
  • Bailey High Leg Lace bodysuit, by Asos Curve, available in red and black for 26.67 euros. Find it here.
red high leg lace bodysuit by asos curve
Bailey High Leg Lace Bodysuit by Asos Curve

So followers,

These were all my ideas for Valentine’s Day, I hope you like it. Make sure to tune in for more plus size fashion news on the next blog.

Love Ruth.



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