The Curve Fashion Festival


The event for curvy women!

The Curve Fashion Festival took place in Liverpool on the 10th September, the perfect time to start my blog about plus size fashion. The curve fashion festival is an annual event that’s definitely worth a visit. It’s a good introduction to the world of plus size fashion.

The VIP lounge.

Because it was the first time I went to a plus size event, I thought I’d order a VIP ticket. This ticket guaranteed me front row seating to all fashion shows and granted access to the VIP lounge sponsored by Navabi Fashion.

When I arrived at the VIP lounge, I was welcomed with a Bellini and received a welcome bag filled with lots of goodies while the Fake Bake stand offered a free beauty treatment for all VIPs.

Some goodies from the welcome bag:

My favorite item was the one size fits all wrap by Yours Clothing UK. A perfect item for autumn and the beautiful colors, petrol blue combined with rust, made it look absolutely fabulous. A great piece for those warm autumn days as an alternative for a jacket or on colder days as a sweater wrap. Personally I prefer to add a waist belt to show off my waist more, loving this item already.

How I went about my day.

The first fashion show of the day featured all present brands and their upcoming collection. We were given a sneak peak of what to expect this fall.

How to get the perfect fit with Simply Be and Georgina Horne.

After the first fashion show, I went down to the “how to stage” stage. Georgina Horne from “Fuller Figure Fuller Bust” a blog definitely worth a visit, was invited by Simply Be. “How to get the perfect fit” was about the importance of well fitted shapewear and underwear. It can make or break your outfit. If you love bodycon dresses, well fitted shapewear will give you that perfect silhouette, and a well fitted bra will lift your bust and create a waistline. For me personally, this was one of the highlights of the day just because I think Georgina Hoorne is fantastic, a lady with class and style.

Georgina Horne on "how to get the perfect fit" with Simply Be at The Curve Fashion Festival
Georgina Horne on “how to get the perfect fit” with Simply Be

My shopping spree.

After this show I had planned some shopping time for myself. I wanted to take the time to browse amongst all the brands. Some of them were new, but some of them I already knew. This is exactly what made this event so interesting. Here you have the chance to try on items from all brands so you learn your size, which comes in handy for all your online shopping. Plus, you get a good feel of the fit and fabric which can be difficult to see in a picture. Last but not least, some brands offer you a chance to purchase items from their upcoming collection before they hit stores. And they all give you discount cards you can use till the end of the month in stores and online.
All the brands lined up:

The launch of EBay Curve with Mark Heyes and celebrity guests.

After my shopping spree, it was time for the second show I wanted to see. The launch of EBay curve with Mark Heyes, a well-known fashion stylist. For the launch, he styled some of the models wearing clothes from the EBay curve hub to introduce the new “shop the look plus size” tool. This tool enables you to find all the shopping information with one click. By clicking on the photo or look you want, you instantly know where to get it or something similar at a sharp price.

Mark Heyes and Tess Holliday at the launch of EBay Curve at The Curve Fashion Festival
Mark Heyes and Tess Holliday

On stage, Mark Heyes teamed up with 3 celebrity guests, Tess Holliday, Callie Thorpe and Bishamber Das. Tess Holliday is the first ever size 24 supermodel. A pioneer in being body confident, she shows you that you can be successful in the fashion industry as a plus size model. Callie Thorpe is a plus size fashion blogger who became the first ever plus size fashion columnist at none other than Marie Claire magazine. Bishamber Das is the first ever British Asian plus size model.  Three iconic ladies if you ask me.

Callie thorpe and Bishamber Das at the launch of EBay Curve at The Curve Fashion Festival
Callie Thorpe and Bishamber Das

Mark Heyes and guests talked about things a plus size model gets confronted with in the fashion industry. Bishamber Das tells us how she gets offered roles in movies but always with the same condition. She says: “I could be a lead actress if I would lose weight. It would be “good” for my career.” Which she counters by stating she’d rather be a role model for women and that you don’t have to lose weight to be successful, loving yourself is what truly matters.

These 3 women are front line activists when it comes to being body positive. They stress that judgment from others is a reflection of themselves and not you, they often judge themselves even harder. Be kind to yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Confidence is sexy in every size.

They also talked about so-called fashion rules, and why you should break them. If you want to wear horizontal stripes or an oversized minimalistic style, just wear it and wear it proud.

The EBay Curve stand.

When the curve hub was launched, I went over to the EBay stand, a very busy stand with lots to do. You could get in line for a meet and greet with Mark Heyes, Tess Holliday, Callie Thorpe and Bishamber Das. Or get your hair and make-up done, go for a color analysis and find out what your power color is. My color was rust, good for basic items and accessories. Last but not least, get a professional picture taken for a chance to get featured in the “shop the look plus size” tool.

The last fashion show of the day.

In the last fashion show of the day, the represented brands had a last chance to show their upcoming collections. The day ended with a big applause for all participating parties who turned this day into a true success.
For a first time at a plus size fashion event, I was very pleased. It was a busy but super fun day. One thing is certain, next year I’ll be going back. A day well spent … loved it.

See you on the next spread!

Love Ruth.



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